Privacy Agreement

Any personal information provided may be shared with AGM College Planning, solely for the purpose of understanding the client's situation and to provide our services. AGM College Planning will not disclose any client's information without the consent of the client.



Limit of Liability

Please note that our liability in any case is limited only to the fees you have paid to AGM College Planning, LLC. Other than that, we cannot assume any responsibility for any consequential damages that directly or indirectly result from your student's non-acceptance for admission by any school or for unwillingness by any school to provide the financial aid award that you are seeking to help pay for its cost of attendance, regardless of the reasons for such non-acceptance or failure to provide such aid.



AGM College Planning Broker/Dealer Disclosure

AGM College Planning has developed Student Profile Analysis Report to provide families with an understanding of the U.S. Department of Education Needs Analysis Formula. The information included in our report is based on information provided by the client via the AGM College Planning's Questionnaire. AGM College Planning is in no way affiliated with any Broker/Dealer. However, any individuals providing our service may be registered representatives of a Broker/Dealer. The payment made to AGM College Planning is only for the services detailed in our service contract. If you elect to purchase any insurances, variable products, mutual funds or other securities as part of the implementation of any plan, you may pay, and the registered representative may receive additional compensation, such as commission. Any information provided in our report is to be considered separate and distinct from advice or strategies provided by financial advisors such as registered representatives. AGM College Planning does not supply/recommend/execute securities transactions or otherwise provide products to fund the college savings vehicles. Our Student Profile Analysis(SPA) report is not representative of any Broker/Dealer input. We encourage you to discuss this information with your financial advisor or tax professionals if necessary.