College Financial Aid Process

"For many of you, figuring out where to go for college, where to find money for college, and who to ask for help has never been more daunting."
COA - EFC = FN Financial Need (FN) so called as Remaining Need(RN) is calculated by subtracting the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Cost of Attendance (COA) of each college. In general, state universities provide approximately 40 - 80% of the FN amount to a student (through the use of grants, scholarships, work study programs and student/parent loans), while private universities match approximately 80 - 100% of the FN amount. special schools like art, music, and design may offer differing percentages in terms of financial aid awards.


FAFSA Process:

  • 1) FAFSA FSA ID and Password Creation for Student/Parents at
  • 2) FAFSA Registration
  • 3) FAFSA Filing to Dept. of Education(DOE)
  • 4) FAFSA Signature Confirmation via Online
  • 5) SAR Review & its Correction if necessary
  • 6) FAFSA SAR Downloaded by College
  • 7) College Financial Aid Offer
  • 8) Financial Aid Award Review by AGM College Planning


C.S.S. Profile Process:

  • 1) CSS Registration
  • 2) User Name & Password Creation
  • 3) C.S.S. Profile to College Board
  • 4) Add Schools
  • 5) C.S.S. Profile Reported to Colleges
  • 6) Business/Farm Form Filing and/or Divorce/Seperation Form Filing
  • 7) Check IDOC Requirements and follow ups


Follow up Process after FAFSA/C.S.S. Profile:

  • 1) Need to check any pending requirements for the financial aid office
  • 2) Need to review financial aid offer from the college
  • 3) Negotiate with the college when mis-awarded or under-awarded
  • 4) Arrange any loans if necessary