Admission Consulting Services

"For many of you, figuring out where to go for college, where to find money for college, and who to ask for help has never been more daunting."
AGM College Planning analyzes, develops, and provides the comprehensive Admission Consulting Services for the students becoming 11th and 12th grades for the service items as follows:

  • 1) Primary Consulting
  • 2) Common Application Review
  • 3) Main Essay, Short Essay (3 Reviews, Final Proofreading)
  • 4) Activity Statement Editing
  • 5) Resume Editing
  • 6) Additional College Application Reviews
  • 7) Additional College Essay Reviews
  • 8) We will provide "College Search" tailored to fit in the above student's academic and career goal by providing access to a computer driven, comprehensive college and career planning tool.