"For many of you, figuring out where to go for college, where to find money for college, and who to ask for help has never been more daunting."


AGM College Planning, LLC

Started in 2005, AGM College Planning has been helping many families across the United States save thousands of dollars in arising college cost of attendances every year. The company has developed an innovative client management system(CMS) to improve the accuracy of College Financial Aid Services for college. AGM College Planning has a network of thousands of college aid resources and accumulated database to help clients understand the college financial aid system and maximize its value and eligibility. By utilizing a comprehensive College Financial Aid Estimator allowing the student to compare college financial aid award averages up to ten(10) schools at the same time, AGM College Planning delivers comprehensive comparison and better understanding of applying college financial aid packages to select the applying schools. As a result of our ongoing services and efforts, our members have been enjoying optimal financial aid award packages from each school along with a stress free handling of the college financial aid process by themselves during the student's college period.

AGM College Planning will:

  • 1) Accurately analyze each student's need-based financial aid qualification according to the family's income and assets
  • 2) Keep you informed of the college financial aid award's process
  • 3) Reduce your risks of increasing out-of-pocket costs for college by preliminary planning
  • 4) Evaluate total out-of-pocket expenses for each college, and develop a college financial aid plan to qualify you for the maximum financial aid award package available
  • 5) Help your educational finances
  • 6) Help you to negotiate with the colleges to increase your financial aid award in case of under-awarded or mis-awarded situations
  • 7) provide planning ideas about how to increase your eligibility for the maximum financial aid.


AGM College Planning provides a comprehensive service package including:

  • 1) Calculation of your Federal Expected Family Contribution(EFC) and Instituional method Calculation of EFC
  • 2) Various financial strategies to reduce your EFC
  • 3) Caculation of your estimated out-of-pocket expenses in a given year for each college and university
  • 4) Helping you to file FAFSA and CSS Profile Application Assistant Services
  • 5) FAFSA, CSS Profile, and SAR(Student Aid Report) reviews
  • 6) Financial Aid Award Letter Review from each college
  • 7) Helping you to negotiate your under-awarded or mis-awarded college financial aid award with the college
  • 8) An online, comprehensive college and career planning guidance program that offers information about college majors, schools, occupations, and career development tools